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Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

That video was taken by Barry Kusuma (Travel Photographer of Indonesia Ministry), one year ago exactly on February 2015. Tabalong Ethnic Festival (TEF) is an annual event of Tabalong Regency, South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. TEF is one of the most awesome Cultural Festival in Indonesia. In here, you can see the harmony and exoticsm of Dayak and Banjar Cultures, the typical tribe of South Kalimantan.
A good news! In this year, TEF 2016 will add some new stuff which we didn't find in TEF 2015 like Voice of Borneo, Fashion Show Sasirangan, Traditional Games and Martial Art and Tourism Expo.
some event will be held in TEF 2016, such as :
1. Ethnic Carnival
It will show us about traditional costume of Banjar and Dayak Tribe, the original and modified costume.  And then also, costumes which representated a Banjar or Dayak Figure, flower and animal which typical of South Kalimantan.
Ethnic Carnival TEF 2015

Ethnic Carnival TEF 2015
Ethnic Carnival TEF 2015
2. Voice of Borneo
Music performance that contains colaboration of Banjar, Dayak Traditional Music Instrument (like Kuriding, Panting, Babun, Sentokong, Kurung-Kurung, Safe and etc) with Modern Music Instrument. As we know, because this is a new event in TEF so this event is expected to be like video below,

3. Fashion Show Sasirangan
Sasirangan is typical cloth of South Kalimantan and one of Indonesia Heritage, it similiar with Batik but has different of making process, it has many motive and so colorful. So, TEF will be show us how beautiful it is.
source : antaranews
4. Band Music Festival
In this event, you will hear and watch how beautiful Banjar's Music and Songs.

5. Marudai and Panting Music Festival
Marudai is a talkshow which use Banjar languange, in there we can get and share information about art, tourism and cultures of South Kalimantan. And then inside a talkshow, we will entertained by Panting Music.

Did you know Panting? Panting is traditional music instrument of Banjar Tribe. Panting has strings like a guitar, the sound  almost like as a guitar also, if we collaborate panting with viola, guitar and others,  Panting always sounds dominantly.
Panting, one of Indonesia Heritage

6. Tourism Expo
It will show us creative economy products of South Kalimantan's Tourism, such as sasirangan products, culinary, photograph and etc.

7. Traditional Games of South Kalimantan
Because so many traditional games of South Kalimantan (like Balogo, Bagasing, Asinan and etc) almost extinct and replaced by many modern games, so TEF will re-appear it.
Balogo, source : https://elang114.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/balogo-2/

8. Performance Art
In this event, TEF will present not only the traditional dances, music but any culture products of South Kalimantan and maybe you can’t find in other places in Indonesia.
TEF 2015
Manaik Manau : Traditional ceremony of Dayak Deah, Climb a "Manau", tree that full of thorns
9. Traditional Martial Art Of South Kalimantan
Bakuntau, maybe sound “stranger” but it is one of South Kalimantan’s Traditional Martial Art and almost extinct, Bakuntau followed by traditional music instrument like Babun and Gong.

So do you want to hear the fluty “Voice of Borneo” and Panting? Do you want to see the Beauty of Sasirangan?

Do you want to be a part and witness Excotism and Harmony of Banjar and Dayak Culture in South Kalimantan?

You can get it all only just for a week. We are waiting for you on February 15, 2016 until February 21, 2016 in Tanjung, Tabalong Regency, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. On this very ExtraOrdinary Event “Tabalong Ethnic Festival 2016”. See you soon..

For further info please call +62 526 – 2025297 or e-mail : admin01@perkumpulanpusaka.org, we’ll be please to help.
See you soon at Tabalong Ethnic Festival 2016.

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